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Data Last Updated: 4/27/2022          

Accidental & Undetermined Fatal Drug Overdoses 

The drug mortality data visualized in this dashboard are courtesy of the Virginia Medical Examiner Database System (VMEDS). VMEDS is an internal agency database which contains detailed information on all deaths reported to the OCME, regardless of whether the OCME accepted the case or not. Data presented in this dashboard are based on accepted cases of either full autopsy or external exams. Accidental and undetermined fatal drug overdoses (not including homicides and suicides) and included in the dashboard.

Often, drug-related deaths have more than one drug causing or contributing to death. Therefore, deaths in which multiple categories of drugs caused or contributed to death will be represented once within each drug category, but multiple times within the entire dashboard. For example, a fatal cocaine, heroin, and Alprazolam overdose death will be counted in the cocaine drop down, the heroin drop down, and the benzodiazepine drop down.

Due to the nature of law enforcement and OCME death investigation, all deaths presented in this report are based upon locality of occurrence and not residential status of the decedent. This dashboard compiles data on drugs causing or contributing to death in fatal drug overdose cases. This report does not include data on drugs detected, but not contributing or causing death. For more information, please visit: or contact Kathrin "Rosie" Hobron at

Use the drop down filters or click areas of the map or table to adjust the data in this report. Please use caution when interpreting data with sample sizes of less than 10. Demographics are suppressed if counts equal fewer than five cases.

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Ranking by Geographic Region

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Locality# Deaths (3 year avg)# Deaths/100k People
Richmond City68.3330.57
Petersburg City9.6730.17
Covington City1.6729.93
Winchester City8.0029.01
King George7.3328.26
Rate per 100,000 people
Note that variations in color may exaggerate differences between areas in the map when, in reality, very little variability exists across the state. Hover over the map to see the specific regional/locality data.
1.91Rate per 100,000 people34.03

Trends Over Time

Rate per 100,000 people over time

Use the filters or click on different areas of the map above to adjust this chart. Click on the legend items in this chart to add or remove a geographic level (Statewide, CSB, Locality, or Region) from the chart. If your CSB serves only one locality (e.g., Alexandria CSB serves Alexandria City), then your locality and CSB trend lines will overlap on this graph.
Please note that this graph shows trends over time in three year intervals. Given that these intervals overlap due to the way data are collected, counts for years that are included in multiple intervals are used each time that year occurs.

Statewide Totals by Year

Year# Deaths (3 year avg)# Deaths/ 100k People

Demographic Profile (2010-2020)

% Overdose Cases
% Location Population


Race and Ethnicity


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